Wether you work in a Hospital, a Doctor, Nurse, Orderly, or in a Restuarant, Deli, Hotel, or a Butcher or even a Vet, these Caps will bring a bit of FUN to your everyday !!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ok….. Back from Holiday, SHOP IS NOW OPEN!!

Just letting you know purchases can be made from our FACEBOOK STORE using PayPal… All products available for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY!!!!


41_Black_Multi_Dot_Basic_side_FBlack Multi Dot Basic

42_Lime_Butterflies_Basic_back_FLime Butterflies Basic

3_Grumpy_Fish_LARGE_back_MGrumpy Fish Large Hat

6_Rock_Chick_LARGE_front_FRock Chick Large Hat

Just a few of the Krazee Kaps available…..

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