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Friday, July 23, 2010

How KrAzEe Scrub KaPs started....

I work in a Hospital Theatre as a PSA, and as the Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses and Orderlies we need to keep our hair covered and have to wear scrub caps.

I began making caps for myself and other staff members and I am glad to say we have helped keep down the amount of waste from using those boring, unattractive disposable caps. Also a couple staff members would get skin irritations from the disposable caps and LOVE the great KrAzEe KaPs designs and no more skin rashes.
Theatre Orderly Cap..........gotta love Gorillaz!

KrAzEe Scrub KaPs are BRIGHT and FUN, the staff and patients get a real kick out of all the different colours and designs, and I get a real blast from seeing the KrAzEe Scrub KaPs in our Theatre.

I also have a unique range of Catering/Chef Caps as well, and I am pleased with amount of interest in the QUALITY Chef Caps.I believe I have a great range of designs to suit many different types of food outlets, including Restaurants, Kiosks, Bakery's, and Delis.
Kitchen Team Members' Cap

Please feel free to browse my eBay Store, and by all means sign up for the NEWSLETTER to keep up with the NEW DESIGNS and Caps being added. If you have any special requests, please email me at krazeekaps@dodo.com.au, I will be happy to try to meet your needs.
In the meantime HAPPY SHOPPING.

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